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Un nou plasture cu ultrasunete poate monitoriza tensiunea arterială

A portable ultrasound patch that monitors non-invasive blood pressure in blood vessels deep under the skin can help patients and healthy people detect possible problems much earlier and with greater accuracy. Applications include real-time and continuous monitoring of changes in tension in patients with cardiac or respiratory conditions, but also in patients who are extremely ill or undergoing surgery.
The San Diego University Researchers’ Team describes innovation in a work published on September 11 in  Nature Biomedical Engineering .
The portable devices so far have been limited to the detection of signals or the surface of the skin, or even immediately below. But it’s like just seeing the tip of the iceberg. By integrating ultrasound technology into portable devices, we can capture more signals, biological events and activities that go beyond the surface in a non-invasive manner , „said Sheng Xu, one of the authors of the study.
The patch can continuously monitor central blood pressure in major arteries deep down to 4 centimeters below the skin, writes  Science Daily , quoted by .
It has the potential to be an important addition to cardiovascular medicine ,” said Brady Huang, co-author of the paper. In the operating room, especially in complex cardiopulmonary procedures, it is necessary to monitor   real-time blood pressure – here the device has the potential to be complementary to traditional methods ,” the researcher added.

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